100 Days on Earth

When it all goes quiet and you want to throw a random party to celebrate your baby, then do it!

My son was born on 5th November, Bonfire Night here in the UK. By the time we left hospital it was 6pm, a cold but dry evening. The drive home was surreal, my husband at the wheel and me sat in the back with the precious new cargo stuffing my face with chocolate buttons provided by the hospital like some kind of bizarre party bag. For the whole 20 minute journey, we were surrounded by fireworks going off as the various displays in the area got underway. I know this sounds corny, but it felt as if the whole world was celebrating the arrival of our son. It was lush.

In the weeks that followed we were lucky enough to be showered with gifts and cards and flowers more than we could believe. It seems babies bring out the kindness and generosity in everyone, even people we barely knew! I have never seen so many cards, I stopped counting at 100! We felt very lucky to have so many people sharing their love with us.

Once November was over, the stream of baby cards started to subside and Christmas cards started to come in. We all got swept up in the excitement of ‘Baby’s 1st Christmas’ baubles, outfits, etc. The pup had to have three outfit changes on the day to get through all of his Christmas jumpers! Although he was oblivious, we had lots of fun making it special.

Then January hit. My husband went back to work, the weather was miserable, it seemed like the celebrations were well and truly over. But I still have this beautiful baby who I think is worth celebrating every single day and yet there is no longer a queue at the door of people wanting to share congratulations and cuddles. It was a strange time. Not lonely because I had the baby with me at all times, but strangely quiet. I didn’t dislike it, it was nice to have quality time with him to bond and soak up every second of his gorgeousness, but I also wanted to shout from the rooftops ‘Hey everyone, he’s still here and he’s still amazing!’

‘I know,’ I thought, ‘let’s have a Christening!’ My husband is not a big believer but we got married in a church and it seemed like a logical thing to do. That was until my gran, which surprised me as not a week goes by without her going to chapel, pointed out that in today’s modern world, wouldn’t I like him to make the decision himself about whether or not he wants to be a a Christian or not? The answer was yes, now that you mention it, I do want to give him the freedom to make his own decisions. Good point Gran!

What about a blessing and thanksgiving ceremony? No point dragging everyone to a church if we’re not actually going to have him Christened. What about a naming ceremony? Not even really sure what that is so… that was a no too.

But we’ve still got this beautiful little bundle of loveliness to celebrate!

It was then that something popped up online about Donald Trump’s first 100 days as president, what has he achieved? Etc. 100 days. That sounds like a significant amount of time. A milestone or landmark, going from double figures into triple. I wonder when the pup will be 100 days old…Next week! So that’s why I decided to celebrate his 100 days. We had achieved so much in that 100 days. He is changing all the time, at 100 days old he can hold up his head, smile and laugh, kick and play, grab and hold stuff. All pretty standard I know, but to me- absolutely amazing.

And me, in the last 100 days I have learned how to look after this tiny human without too many mishaps along the way. I’m still learning every day but I know a lot more now than I did 100 days ago (despite reading an unprecedented amount of parenting books and articles)! I don’t care a jot about Donald Trump being president for 100 days, I’ve been a mum for 100 days!

So this is why I decided to have a party, if you can call it that with four people! I invited my parents around for tea, made my husband promise to be home from work on time and set to work. Party food, balloons, a cake, the lot. (Well, not quite the lot because the pup doesn’t like loud noises so no party poppers or fireworks. Hopefully he’ll grow to like them seeing as his birthday is on Bonfire Night!) My efforts were greeted with a few chortles and remarks that I must’ve lost the plot because of sleep deprivation but I carried on regardless, blowing bubbles at my giggling little pride and joy in his party hat. It was nice, it was special and it was just what I needed.

I think the point of what I’m trying to get across is to not-so-new mummas, just because the cards and congratulations have waned and everything’s gone a bit quiet, you’re still doing a great job, your baby is still amazing and if you want to celebrate that then do it. Even if people think you’re a bit bonkers, they’ll still eat the cake!

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